Van Beest Green Pin Shackles: Setting the Standard for Rigging and Lifting
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Van Beest Green Pin Shackles: Setting the Standard for Rigging and Lifting

Van Beest Green Pin Shackles are renowned in the rigging and lifting industry for their unbeatable quality and reliability.

Known for their durability and strength, these shackles are manufactured by Van Beest, a company with a long history of excellence in the production of high-performance lifting wire rope hardware equipment and fittings. The shackles are part of the Green Pin® brand and manufactured in The Netherlands.

Van Beest Green Pin shackles are available in various types, including anchor and D shackles, tailored to meet the diverse needs of construction and lifting applications.  Crafted from superior-grade materials, these shackles are designed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Whether for heavy industrial lifting, stage rigging, marine applications, or architectural projects, Van Beest shackles provide a secure and trustworthy solution. 

Van Beest Green Pin Shackles


The significance of rigging shackles in construction and lifting operations cannot be overstated.  They serve as a critical link between the lifting device and the load, ensuring a secure and safe connection for transporting heavy materials. 

What is a Rigging Shackle:

A shackle is a vital component in lifting and rigging systems that connect various types of slings, ropes, chains, and lifting devices to loads.   It is a U-shaped metal piece with a pin or bolt across the opening, allowing for easy attachment and load removal. 

Rigging shackles are designed to handle heavy loads and withstand intense pressure, making them essential tools in construction sites, factories, ports, transport, and other heavy-duty environments. They come in different sizes and types to fit various lifting needs.

Green Pin rigging and lifting shackles

Types of Shackles

There are several types of shackles available on the market.  The type you choose will depend on your specific lifting needs and the requirements of your project. Here are some common types of shackles

  • Anchor Shackles: Like bow shackles, anchor shackles are ideal for lifting operations where the load may shift or rotate.  They have a round shape, which allows for more directional movement.  They are particularly useful in multi-dimensional pulling applications and can accommodate multiple sling legs or a wider strap.
  • D Shackle: Also known as a chain shackle, Dee shackles are shaped like the letter D and are typically used where the load comes straight in line. Their narrow frame makes them suitable for rigging applications where space is limited.
  • Bolt type: Feature a bolt and nut configuration secured with a cotter pin. This design ensures that the pin remains in place even under conditions of heavy vibration or dynamic load movements, making them particularly suited for long-term or permanent installations where safety is paramount. 

Each type has its advantages in specific scenarios, making it crucial to select the right shackle for the job to ensure safety and efficiency in lifting operations.

Green Pin

Safety is of the utmost importance in lifting operations. Van Beest shackles are designed and tested to meet or exceed industry safety standards.

Explore our range of rigging shackles - Whether you are lifting heavy machinery or securing a load for transport, we have the perfect shackle for your application. 

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All equipment must undergo a thorough inspection before each use. Worn or unsafe rigging and safety gear should never be used.  Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards.