Chains: Grade 70 Binder Chain, Grade 80 Alloy Steel, and Grade 100 Hi-Vis USA Chain

Grade 70 chains, also known as transport chains are meanly used for load securement.
Made out of high strength carbon steel these chains are easily recognized by their golden yellow zinc chromate finish. Grade 70 chain binders are commonly used on flatbed trucks for tie down applications and load securement. Grade 70 should never to be used for overhead lifting.

Grade 80 Chains made with alloy steel can be used in a variety of industries, from construction, lifting, heavy
recovery, heavy hauling, industrial, oil, towing, rigging, and more.

Grade 100 chains are ideal for lifting applications. We supply USA Made High Visibility
Chains as well as import chains. Due to its strength and durability Grade 100 is becoming the most popular chain choice.

We also supply Logging Chains and Grade 30 Chains

Grade 70 Binder Chain
Grade 70 transport chains

Grade 70 Chain

Grade 80 Chain

Grade 80 Chain

Grade 100 Chain
Grade 100 Chain

Grade 100 Chain

Difference in Chain Grades