Hooks & Rigging Hardware

When rigging a load, there are several products that allow you to connect the load to the crane, hoist, or sling, shackles being one of the most popular.


Rigging equipment such as shackles, hooks, blocks, are necessary for many rigging and lifting applications. These products are used by a vast number of industries such as construction, excavation, mining, logging, theatrical, towing, lifting, and more. We supply top brands such as Crosby, Van Beest Green Pin, CM, as well as import products. Hooks are available in Grade 70, Grade 80, as well as our popular Grade 100 hooks for chain sling attachments.


Blocks, such as snatch blocks, are widely used in lifting as they reduce the force required for heavy lifting.


Rigging hooks comes in a variety of designs and strengths. Depending on the application they are greatly suited to be attached with chains, wire rope, and web slings. Grade 70 hooks, also known as cargo control hooks, are never to be used for any lifting applications, and are well suited for tie-down applications. Good for flatbed trucking and towing.


There are many options but the correct hardware required depends on the application and many variables including working load limits, size, weather, materials and on. Never use products beyond their working load limits. Make sure to always inspect products before use.


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