At Baremotion we supply a variety of tow truck automotive tie-down kits, also know as soft tie down systems.

The most popular one being the 8-Point Tie Down System.This rollback tie-Down kit comes with straps and ratchets with chain ends. Designed for beds with 4 points, this system prevents the vehicle you are towing from moving back, forward or side to side. Since the vehicle is secured by the wheels this allows it to ride on its own suspension. Strap lengths are 14’ or 18’, the latter designed for larger tires or longer decks.

Towing Tie Down Kits

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The tie down kits eliminate the need to hook anything onto the body of the vehicle.   They are only used on tires and wheels, making them a great choice for towing.

There are also many benefits to use these tie-down systems. The straps are lighter and more pliable than tow chains. Easy to handle, and less damage to the vehicle being transported.


No matter which kit you choose it's important to always inspect your gear before use.

At Baremotion, we supply USA made straps as well as import straps. If you need custom made straps or a quote on large (bulk order) quantities please email us at

Safety Note: The tie-down straps are never to be used for recovery or lifting. Never exceed the working load limit. Doing so can damage the straps and cause it to fail, causing damage to the vehicle you are towing, the tow truck, or worse. Always follow the DOT (Department of Transportation) industry standards to keep you safe and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).