Winch Lines

Winch Lines

High Quality Wire Rope Cables & Synthetic Winch Lines

Baremotion offers an extensive range of Winch Cables, including Wire Rope Steel Core Winch Cables, Fiber Core Lines, Swaged Winch Lines, and Synthetic Rope Winch Lines.

Various lengths and sizes are offered, along with custom-made winch cables upon request.

Wire Rope Cables are ideal for tow trucks, wreckers, roll backs, off road 4x4, and more. All cables come with a choice of rigging hardware hook ends from eye hook, swivel latch hook, and swivel self locking hook.

We also carry winch cable accessories and hardware fittings.

Winch Cables
3/8" Fiber Core Winch Cables with Swivel Hook and Latch from All-Grip.

Wire Rope Cables

Synthetic Winch Lines
3/8" Synthetic Winch Line w/ Self Locking Eye Hook HMPE

Synthetic Winch Lines

Winch Cable Accessories

Wire Rope Accessories

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Can I customize the length of the Winch Cable?

Yes. Contact us at with your desired length and hardware end fitting. Include your zip code, as our freight cost is included in the product.

Wire Rope Cable vs Synthetic Winch Rope: Which is Best?

Check out our Blog for more info. But it basically comes down to choice.  Both will get the job done.  Both have
their advantages and disadvantages.  Proper maintenance is key with either.  It basically comes down to personal choice.

Is Swaged Cable better?

The two primary advantages of Swaged Wire Rope over conventional wire rope are: “Higher Break Strength” & Better resistance to crushing. Our Swaged Winch lines are all made by all-grip.