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V-bridle towing straps

Towing V bridle straps made with strong 2-ply webbing.

V-bridle tow strap come with a pear master and different hook attachments like the V-bridle chains but are made with webbing instead of chain.  Their working load is as strong as chain but unlike chain the webbing helps prevents damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle you are towing.

The hook attachments that are usually found on v-bridle towing straps are the J-Hook (both the Long and Short J-Hook), the RTJ cluster hook, T-J combo, Mini J hook, or a combination of the long 15” J-hook and a mini J, or a T hook.  There are many varieties available.

At Baremotion we are slowly changing all the webbing color to Hi-Viz Green webbing - When ordering you might receive either Gray Webbing or the new High visibility green!

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Safety:  Not for Recovery.  Never exceed working load limit. 

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V-Bridle Towing Straps

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