Wire Rope - Baremotion

Wire rope is an essential component of most lifting and hoisting operations, providing the necessary strength and durability to handle heavy loads and ensure safe and efficient operations.

Made of multiple steel wires that are formed into individual strands, which are then laid in a helical pattern around a core. This construction provides the wire rope with exceptional strength and durability, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

Wire Rope Slings

Single Leg Slings

Wire Rope 2-Leg Sling Bridles

2-Leg Sling bridles

Steel Wire Rope Stage Slings
Galvanized Steel Stage Slings made with thimble eyes

Steel Wire Rope Stage Slings

Galvanized Aircraft Cable
 7x7 Galvanized Aircraft Cable - general purpose wire rope

Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Black Galvanized Aircraft Cable
7x19 Black Galvanized Aircraft Cable ideal for stage & theatrical rigging productions

Black Galvanized Aircraft Cable

Winch Cable Accessories
Crosby  "The Terminator" wedge socket S-421T

Wire Rope Fittings

Custom Wire Rope Assemblies

We have the capabilities to meet your specific needs. Wire Rope assemblies & fittings. Call us (914) 792-8360 or email us specifics at Sales@Baremotion.com