Wire Rope

High quality wire rope steel lifting slings fabricated with flemish eye splice and swaged sleeve. High resistance to fatigue, abrasion-resistance and heat resistance make them ideal in a variety of environments.

Wire Rope is made out of multiple steel wires that form individual strands and are wrapped around a core. They provide durability, flexibility, and the ability to handle bending stresses. There are many
configurations and each provides different benefits.

Our Wire rope slings are made with 6x25 EIPS IWRC rope.  Fabricated from extra improved plow steel (EIPS) and independent wire rope core (IWRC) which provides support for the outer
strands and has a superior resistance to crushing and heat.

Each sling is assembled in the USA by professional riggers.

Wire Rope Lifting Slings

Eye Eye Wire Rope Slings

The most popular standard wire rope slings. Made from a single length of wire rope with loop eyes on each end.

Thimbled Eye Eye Wire Rope

Standard wire rope slings with thimbled eye terminations on each end.

Multiple Leg Wire Rope

Allows different connection points to stabilize the load being lifted.