The Different Styles & Types of Shackles
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The Different Styles & Types of Shackles

The Different Styles & Types of Shackles

Shackles are used as a connectors for slings, chains, ropes, and wire rope.   Because the pins in them are removable, they are an important accessory for a variety of jobs in the rigging, towing, lifting, hoisting, and pulling applications.

When rigging a load, there are several different products of hardware that allow you to connect the load to the crane, hoist, or sling, shackles being one of the most popular.

Shackles come in a variety of styles and types. 

Anchor Shackles

The anchor shackle is the most popular style and comes with different pin options.
It has a Bell shaped look (or an O-shaped look)  and is widely used because of the larger area on the inside of the shackle body. This allows for more room with the item it is connected to.  The larger area of an anchor shackle reduces its overall strength but it is also able to handle a larger strap.

The screw pin anchor shackle is probably the most popular shackle.  It’s typically used in applications where frequent removal is required or will be used as a temporary connection.  While the Bolt Type anchor shackle is used for permanent or long term connections.

Alloy screw pin anchor shackles have increased working load limits versus traditional shackles.

  • Round pin shackles are not suitable for overhead lifting.
  • Using a shackle with wire rope:  The shackle must be equal to or larger than the wire rope diameter.

Chain Shackles aka D-Shackles

These shackles are narrower and are D-shaped.  It is considered a chain shackle because its sides are straight as opposed to the bowed anchor shackle and can take on high loads primarily in line. They too come with different pin options.  Do not side load chain shackles.  They are for in-line applied tension.

Galvanized Shackles or Stainless Steel Shackles

Galvanized Shackles are ideal for industrial applications.  They offer good  protection from rust and oxidation due to the layer of zinc oxide they have.  They are ideal in environments where moisture is not an issue.

Stainless Steel Shackles are ideal for marine work because they are highly corrosion-resistant.  

Web Sling Shackles

These Web Shackles are specifically designed to connect synthetic web slings and round slings to eye bolts and other lifting hardware.  They have a design factor of 6:1 and are galvanized for longer life.  These shackles are often used in towing recovery work with heavy recovery straps.

At Baremotion we supply such brands as Crosby Shackles, CM, and import shackles.

Shackles should always be inspected before use:

  • Make sure all markings are legible
  • The body and pin are both identifiable as being of the same size, type and make
  • Never use a Bolt Type Anchor Shackle without using a securing nut and cotter pin
  • It’s free from nicks, cracks and corrosion
  • Shackles may not be heat treated as the may affect their working load limit
  • Never modify, repair or reshape a shackle by machining, welding, heating or bending, as this will affect the working load limit.

Safety Note:  Never use products beyond their working load limits.  Make sure to always inspect products before use.  Failure to read the proper warning and application information may result in serious injury or death.