Yellow Polyester Eye Eye Round Slings All-Grip 8,400 lbs WLL

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Length: 4'

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Made in USA

Yellow Eye Eye Round Polyester Slings are made in the USA with a Double Woven Jacket giving the sling greater resistance to abrasion.

These lifting slings are great for many uses and can be used in a vertical, choker, or basket hitch. 

* Polyester Round Slings consisting of multiple polyester fibers encased in a double thick woven tube of polyester web.
* Soft and pliable.  Easy to handle and store.
* Color-coded for capacity
* Made in USA
* Tagged per A.S.M.E. B30.9 specifications.


Vertical Capacity Rating: 8,400 lbs
Choker Capacity Rating: 6,720 lbs
Basket Capacity Rating: 16,800 lbs


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Safety:  Slings should never be used beyond their certified load ratings. 
Inspect slings for wear and tear before each use.  If worn, unsafe, or you are not sure, than they should not be used & should be discarded.

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