Miller Lifting Thrust Bearing Jaw & Jaw Swivel Type E-181

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Size: 3 Ton - 6000 WLL
SKU: B-3E181

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Made in USA

Single tapered trust bearing swivel with load capacities from 3 to 15 tons.

These swivels allow the load to rotate independently of the lifting equipment, which helps in preventing the twisting of rigging lines that can lead to equipment failure or dangerous load sway.

Its robust design and precision engineering make it an indispensable tool for maintaining rigging setups, and allows for smoother and more controlled lifting and lowering operations.

  • Tight-fit bronze bushing acting as a seal, retains lubricant and protects bearing
  • Load capacities from 3 to 15 tons
  • Wire rope diameters from ½” to 1”
  • Structural components from cast alloy steel
  • Finished with enamel coating
  • 4:1 design factor
  • Made in USA
  • Miller Lifting Download PDF Econo-Link Swivel Catalog

Not for demolition balls.  Item is not returnable due to safety factors.  Never exceed working load limit.  Always inspect prior to use.  Read Safety warnings.

Miller Thrust Bearing Jaw & Jaw Swivel Type E-181 Specs

Miller Lifting Thrust Bearing Jaw & Jaw Swivel Type E-181 Specification chart

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