Lite-it 25" LED Wireless Towing Light Bar

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Assembled in USA

 Wireless tow light with magnets to easily mount on the vehicle being towed.

  • 25-inch Polyethylene case
  • 10-12 hour run time on single charge
  • Two rubber-coated magnets with 105-pound pull strength each (pull strength not weakened because of coating like with rubber magnet boots)
  • 12v cigarette plug charge cord
  • Individual serial numbers on each unit, registered to you (so there isn’t any cross-talk between your unit and anyone else’s)
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty on circuitry and LED lights and 6-month warranty on batteries
  • Wireless with a 500 foot range
  • 4-pin round plug comes included (NOTE: If you call us, we can switch out the 4-pin with whatever plug you need)

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