DOF Grade 100 2-Leg Chain Sling Clevis Foundry Hook Hi-Viz

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Size & WLL: 5/16” WLL LBS (9900 @60º) (8100 @45º) (5700 @30º)
Chain Length: 5'
SKU: DOF51605

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Made in USA

Grade 100 2-Leg Alloy Chain Sling with Oblong Master Link  and Clevis Foundry Hooks each leg.  Hi-Viz Chain.

Certified Double Leg Lifting Chains are made with  High Visibility Chain.

Proof tested.  Meets or Exceeds ASME B30.9.  Tagged with chain size, length, Working Load Limit and serial number.  Made in USA.  Hooks will be Blue. in Color.

Material: Alloy Steel
Configuration: DOF Double Leg Chain
Chain Grade: Grade 100 High Visibility
Standard: ASME B30.9.

Vertical Working Load Limits
5/16" Chain Diameter: 9,900 @60º,  8,100 @45º  5,700 @30º LBS
3/8" Chain Diameter:  15,200 @60º,  12,400 @45º, 8,800 @30º LBS
1/2" Chain Diameter: 26,000 @60º,  21,200 @45º, 15,000 @30º LBS

Custom Lengths Available Upon Request.

Note: Slings cannot be returned due to safety concerns with materials

Warning: Understand specifications  before using Alloy Steel Chain Slings. Failure to understand those instructions may cause death or serious injury. Chain Slings should never be used beyond their certified load ratings.  Avoid Shock Loads.

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