Crosby Tail Board Snatch Block Type 404

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Size: 3" - 2 Ton (4000 lbs) Wire Rope Size 5/16"-3/8"
SKU: 102016

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Made in USA

Crosby Tailboards are used for hoisting, pulling, and lifting.  Often used with gin pole lifting device.

Often used with a gin pole lifting device or on truck cranes.  Designed and made in the USA by Crosby McKissick - Light Champion line of snatch blocks.

Tail Board is not equipped with hook or shackle.

  • Bronze Bushings
  • Single Sheave Light Champion  - No Hook
  • Retaining Bolt
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26

Warning: Read and understand Crosby specifications and instructions before using products. Failure to read and understand those instructions may cause death or serious injury.  Never use beyond their certified load ratings. 

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