Crosby McKissick Snatch Block with Shackle Type 419

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Size: 3" - 2 Ton (4400 lbs) Wire Rope Size 5/16"-3/8"
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Made in USA

Part of the Crosby McKissick Light Champion Line, this Type 419 Snatch Block come with shackle.

Designed and made in the USA, these snatch blocks are top quality! 

Snatch blocks with shackles, unlike with hooks, are mainly used as a permanent attachment point.  Used in the lifting and material handling industries, these blocks come with a single sheave and are ideal for pulling, lifting, and hoisting applications.

As with all Crosby Snatch blocks this features a the bolt retaining spring that assures no lost bolt when opening to insert the wire rope.

Available in several sizes these blocks have the following features:

  • Bronze Bushings
  • Single Sheave Light Champion w/Shackle
  • Fatigue rated
  • Blocks are RFID EQUIPPED
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26

Warning: Read and understand Crosby specifications and instructions before using products. Failure to read and understand those instructions may cause death or serious injury.  Never use beyond their certified load ratings. 

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