Cartec Grade 100 Clevis Foundry Hooks

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3/8" WLL 8800 LBS

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Made in Italy with Grade 100 Alloy Steel.  

Foundry Grab Hooks are designed with a large throat opening to allow for easy attachment and larger objects.  Used as end fittings on chain slings, these foundry hooks have become very popular for Heavy Haulers.  Allowing them easy attachment points to the heavy machinery or excavators they are transporting.

  • Grade 100 Alloy Steel
  • Clevis style for easy attachment to chain
  • Use with similar grade chain
  • Tough Powder Coating
  • Proof Tested
  • 4:1 Safety Factor

Working Load Limit:

  • 3/8" WLL  8,800 LBS
  • 1/2" WLL 15,000 LBS
  • 5/8" WLL 22,600 LBS

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Never exceed working load limit.  Always inspect prior to use.  Read Safety warnings on tab below

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Made in Italy

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