Car Carrier Towing Strap with Chain end All-Grip

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Length: 14'
SKU: 4821HD14CE

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Tie Down Car Carrier Strap with Chain end.  Used as an 8-point replacement tie-down strap. 

Strap webbing, high visibility green, is made from resin treated polyester for maximum wear and minimum stretch.  The edges of this webbing have black woven yarns of a superior enhanced fiber to be more resistant to cutting and abrasive wear.

Full 8-point tie down kit is available.

Meets or exceeds all DOT specifications

Strap Length: 14' & 18'
Hooks: 12" Grade 70 Chain extension
Work Load Limit: 3,335 Lbs.

Safety:  Not for RecoveryNever exceed working load limit.  Inspect before each use.  Avoid shock loads. If worn, unsafe, or you are not sure, item should not be used & should be discarded.

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