BLUE Tie-Down Straps w/loop end Mini J Hook & Chain Ratchets 4-Pack

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Blue tie down straps with a mini j hook and loop end to slip it in. 

Loops through the wheel with no rim hardware contact.  

Super easy to use 4-point tie down kit comes with heavy duty diamond weave webbing!  This safe and secure towing tie-down kit can be used on many vehicle types and is ideal for rollback flatbed tow trucks.

Tie Down Kit includes the following:
4-Pack:  2" x 10' Blue Wheel Loop Straps with Mini J-Hook. 

4-Pack: 2" Chain Ratchets with Standard Wide Handle. 

  • Strap Length: 2" x 10'
  • Hooks: Forged Mini J Hook
  • Work Load Limit: 3,333 Lbs

Meets or exceeds all DOT specifications

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