5/8" Steel Core Winch Cable with Eye Hook All-Grip®

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SKU: WL10100S

5/8" Steel Core Winch Cables with Eye Hook.

Ideal for wreckers.  These cables are also known as winch lines and wire rope cable.

All winch lines are right regular lay.  Meets or exceeds all DOT requirements

All-Grip® Wire Rope Winch lines are superior to most other winchlines found in the market place due to the hand splice and swage sleeve (Flemish eye) end terminations. Each eye is protected by a steel liner (thimble) to guard against premature bearing  point eye wear.

Construction: 6 x 19 Steel Core Wire Rope IWRC
Hook Size: 7 Ton Hook - Swivel Hook with Latch.
Breaking Strength: 41,200 lbs  - Working Load Limit: 11,605 lbs

For Custom sizes & Lengths please email us at Sales@Baremotion.com

Note:  Winch lines are cannot be returned

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