5/16" Grade 70 Chain Peerless QuikBinder™ Ratchet Binder Package

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5/16" x 10'

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SKU: CG7516X14-PQLB51638

5/16" Grade 70 Chain Peerless QuikBinder Ratchet Binder Package comes in several chain lengths.

Each package includes one 5/16" heavy duty grade 70 transport chain with grab hooks each end and one 5/16"-3/8" Peerless QuikBinder™ Ratchet Binder.

The Peerless QuikBinder™ can be used with either 5/16" or 3/8" Grade 70 or 80 Chain. 

Size: 5/16"
Lengths: Several lengths
Grade: 70
Package Working Load Limit: 4,700 Lbs.

Both chain and ratchet load binder meet NACM and ASTM standards.

Make sure not to overload the binders.  Not approved for overhead lifting

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