4 Ton Snatch Block with Grade 100 Chain Anchor Extension

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Grade 100 Chain Extension


4 Ton Swivel Shackle Snatch Block with Grade 100 chain with Cradle Grab Hook.

These snatch blocks allow for securement into T slots, keyholes or rings, providing a quick, secure anchor point. Used to change direction of winch lines.

  • Heavy duty side plates with bronze bushed sheave
  • heavy duty hooks swivel 360°
  • Not approved for overhead lifting
  • Meets or exceeds all DOT requirements

Sheave Size: 4-1/2" sheave
Wire Rope Size: 3/8" - 1/2"
Capacity: 4 Ton  WLL: 8,000 LBS.
Chain: 3/8" x 30" Chain Blue Coated with Cradle Grab Hook.

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