3" Underlift Replacement Strap ORANGE

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3" Orange webbing underlift replacement strap features a protective sleeve, providing durability and an extra layer of protection.

It's designed to withstand stretching and abrasion for long-lasting use. With the extra layer of protection, this replacement strap is the perfect choice for ensuring reliability while towing the vehicle or truck.  Ideal for use with wrecker tow trucks, these tie-downs are practically unbeatable!

  • Comes with a cordura sleeve for added protection and durability
  • Orange 3" x 6' Webbing
  • WLL 5,400 lbs
  • Assembled in USA
  • Sold individually

Safety:  Never exceed working load limit.  Inspect before each use.  Avoid shock loads. If worn, unsafe, or you are not sure, item should not be used & should be discarded.

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