3/8" Super Swaged Winch Cable Swivel Hook All-Grip®

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3/8" Super Swaged Winch Cable Swivel Hook Latch by All-Grip®

Super Swaged cables have a higher breaking strength & Better resistance to crushing.

To achieve this quality, it goes through a process of compaction. This process reduces the extra space within the cross sections and produces a more solid wire rope. Resulting in a greater amount of steel within a given area.  These same characteristics allow for greater outer surface area contact on drums and sheaves which resists crushing and deformation.

All-Grip® Wire Rope Winchlines are superior to most other winchlines found in the market place due to the hand splice and swage sleeve (Flemish eye) end terminations. 

Construction: 6 x 26 Steel Core Wire Rope IWRC
Hook Size: 3 Ton
Min Breaking Strength: 17,900 LBS

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