3/8" Grade 70 Chain & Hi-Vis Binder Kit w/G8 Foundry Hooks - 4 Pack

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3/8" x 10'

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SKU: CBK7-2303F

This Grade 70 Chain & Binder kit features Grade 80 Foundry Hooks that can be swapped out for convenience.

Ratchet load binders are coated Hi-Vis green for added visibility and security.

Kit Includes:

  • 4-pack:  3/8" grade 70 transport chains with grab hooks each end
  • 4-pack:  3/8"-1/2" ratchet load binders Hi Vis Green
  • 4-Pack:  Grade 80 Clevis Foundry Hooks

Size: 3/8"
Lengths: 10' & 20' (custom length available per request)
Grade: 70
Package Working Load Limit: 6,600 Lbs.

Both chain and ratchet load binder meet NACM and ASTM standards.

Safety:  NOT FOR OVER HEAD LIFTING. Never exceed working load limit.  Inspect before each use.  Avoid shock loads. If worn, unsafe, or you are not sure, item should not be used & should be discarded.

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