3/8" GR80 Chains w/Foundry Hook & Ratchet LoadBinder Kit 4-Pack

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Size & Length:
3/8" x 3'

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SKU: GR80RB-2301

3/8" Grade 80 chains with Foundry Hooks and Ratchet Load Binders.

  • The foundry hook is designed with a larger throat allowing for a range of attachments.  Ideal for Heavy hauling machinery moves
  • Ideal for heavy hauling transportation
  • Several Chain lengths to choose from

    Each package includes:

    (4pc) 3/8" Grade 80 chain with Foundry Hooks & Grab Hook. WLL 7,100 LBS

    (4pc) 3/8"-1/2" ratchet load binders

    Meets or Exceeds All DOT requirements

    Safety:  Not for Recovery.  NOT FOR OVER HEAD LIFTING. Never exceed working load limit.  Inspect before each use.  Avoid shock loads. If worn, unsafe, or you are not sure, item should not be used & should be discarded.

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