2 Ton Super 100 Elephant Lifting Manuel Hand Chain Hoist

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Lift Length: 10'
SKU: H100-2-10

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Made in Japan

The Super 100 Elephant Lifting Manuel Hand Chain Hoist offers a robust, safe, and reliable performance.

Crafted in Japan with superior engineering and design.

Featuring overload protection, it is the perfect choice for a variety of industries, including construction, marine, stage rigging, arena rigging, petroleum, towing, material handling, and power.

  • Overload Protection
  • Grade 105 galvanized load chain
  • Long-life friction discs
  • Features load sheaves with roller bearings
  • Load sheave with roller bearing
  • Double pawls supportive fail-safe brake mechanism
  • Heavy duty electrostatic powder coating
  • Available in several capacities
  • Suitable for operation within a -4° F to 140° F temperature range
  • Free US Continental Shipping

Weights:  10' lift: 48 lbs - 15' lift: 55 lbs - 20' lift: 63 lbs  30' lift: 79 lbs

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Safety: Never exceed working load limit.  Always inspect prior to use.  Read Safety warnings.

Super 100 Elephant Lifting Hand Chain Hoist Specifications

super 100 elephant lifting hand hoist dimensions
Elephant lifting hand chain hoist Super 100

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