2" Polyester Lifting Web Slings Twist Eye & Eye 2-Ply Type 4 (USA) 6400 lbs WLL

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Length: 3'
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Item cannot be returned due to safety concerns

Made in USA

Sturdy slings are designed for lifting and come with a Twist Eye & Eye loop on each end, making them easy to use for your lifting needs.

Made in USA these polyester lifting slings can be used in choker, vertical or basket hitches.  One of the must popular rigging equipment.

  • Polyester synthetic slings stretches to 3% (while Nylon Slings to 10%) Depending on the application you might want more or less stretch!
  • Lightweight & cost effective
  • Design factor 5:1
  • Made of flexible material that can grip and mold to irregular loads.
  • Each sling is tagged with the working load limits per A.S.M.E. B30.9 specifications.

Width: 2"    Length:  Available in several lengths    2-PLY Webbing

Vertical Capacity Rating: 6,400 lbs
Choker Capacity Rating: 5,000 lbs
Basket Capacity Rating: 12,800 lbs

Slings cannot be returned due to safety concerns with materials

Safety:  Slings should never be used beyond their certified load ratings. 
Inspect slings for wear and tear before each use.  If worn, unsafe, or you are not sure, than they should not be used & should be discarded.

Web Sling Capacities

web sling capacities

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