1 Ton C-21 Elephant Lifting Hand Chain Hoist

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Lift Length: 10'
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Made in Japan

Take your heavy lifting to the next level with the 1 Ton C-21 Elephant Lifting Hand Chain Hoist! This light weight and compact powerhouse is a must have for any job site.

Made in Japan, Elephant Lifting Hoists are known globally for superior design, advanced safety features, and reliability.  Top Quality, engineering, design 

Suitable for construction, marine, stage rigging, arena rigging, petroleum, towing, material handling and power industries.

The Elephant Lifting C21 hand chain hoist is a powerful hoisting solution. It features a  powder-coated steel body with an enclosed case, providing strength and resistance to shocks, corrosion and wear.

  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Grade 105 corrosion resistant white load chain
  • Zinc plated hand chain
  • Drop forged steel mount hook
  • Heavy duty electrostatic powder coating
  • Available in several capacities
  • Free US Continental Shipping

Weights:  10' lift: 22 lbs - 15' lift: 27 lbs - 20' lift: 32 lbs  30' lift: 42 lbs - 40' lift: 52 lbs - 50' lift: 62 lbs

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Safety: Never exceed working load limit.  Always inspect prior to use.  Read Safety warnings.

C-21 Elephant Lifting Hand Chain Hoist Specifications

C-21 Elephant lifting Chain Hand Hoist Dimensions
C-21 Elephant Lifting Chain Hand

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