1.5 Ton C-21 Elephant Lifting Hand Chain Hoist

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Lift Length: 10'
SKU: C21-1.5-10

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Made in Japan

Take your heavy lifting to the next level with the C-21 Elephant Lifting Hand Chain Hoist! This light weight and compact powerhouse is a must have for any job site.

Discover the strength and reliability of Elephant Lifting Hoists. Known worldwide as one of the best chain hoists, this C-21 model is crafted in Japan with superior engineering and design.

Featuring advanced safety features, it is the perfect choice for a variety of industries, including construction, marine, stage rigging, arena rigging, petroleum, towing, material handling, and power.

  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Grade 105 corrosion resistant white load chain
  • Zinc plated hand chain
  • Drop forged steel mount hook
  • Heavy duty electrostatic powder coating
  • Available in several capacities
  • Free US Continental Shipping

Weights:  10' lift: 28 lbs - 15' lift: 34 lbs - 20' lift: 40 lbs  30' lift: 52 lbs

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Safety: Never exceed working load limit.  Always inspect prior to use.  Read Safety warnings.

C-21 Elephant Lifting Hand Chain Hoist Specifications

C-21 Elephant lifting Chain Hand Hoist Dimensions
C-21 Elephant Lifting Chain Hand

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