1/2" Grade 100 Safety Chain w/ Clevis Self Locking Hook (2-Pack)

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Length: 10'
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Grade 100 Safety Chains with Clevis Self Locking Hook on one end.

These Safety tie-down chains can be used as a primary tie-down or as a secondary precaution when hauling.

This is a 2-Pack (you get 2 chains)

Meets or exceeds all DOT regulations.  Tagged.  Assembled in USA per order.

Material: Alloy Steel
Configuration: Clevis Self Locking Hook
Chain Grade: Grade 100 Blue Coated Finish

Vertical Working Load Limits
1/2": 15,000 LBS

Custom Lengths Available Upon Request. 

Warning: Understand specifications  before using Alloy Steel Chains. Failure to understand those instructions may cause death or serious injury. Chains should never be used beyond their certified load ratings.  Avoid Shock Loads. Non returnable.

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