What is a Lasso Strap?

Lasso Straps are used to secure a vehicle to a trailer, car carrier, or tow truck during transportation. It’s one of the most popular and common tie-down used for vehicle transportation.

They were designed to go over and around the tire of an automobile. The strap is passed through the O-ring like a lasso, hence the name Lasso Strap. Than looped into the ratchet and tighten down.

Lasso straps, also called wheel lift straps, are made out of 2” wide polyester webbing. The straps are lightweight and easy to use. The most common lengths are 8’, 10’, and 12’. At the end of the strap is an O-ring or a D-ring hook.

These versatile towing straps are always used with ratchet buckles to help tighten and secure the straps around the tire.  

How to use a Lasso Strap:


Stand in front of the tire of a vehicle take the strap and wrap it over and around the back of the tire than across to the center front and loop it into the ring. Pull the webbing through in a downward manner (the strap will look like V formation) and than loop it into the ratchet and tighten it onto the trailer, wheel lift, or flatbed truck.

Lasso straps can also be used through the wheels.

Lasso Straps in use


At Baremotion we supply a variety of lasso straps. Different webbing options, from high quality polyester webbing made for the towing professional to the patented thick Diamond Weave Webbing. Lasso Straps are also available in several colors such as Blue Lasso Straps, Red Lasso Straps, High Visibility Green Lasso Straps, Orange Straps, and standard Yellow Lasso Straps.


Lasso Strap color options

Use & Safety Considerations:

- Prolonged exposure to sunlight & UV rays can weaken the strength of the webbing (the strap)

- Make sure the Tag is not missing and is always readable - OSHA requirement.

- Inspect before usage.

- Make sure there are no broken stitchings or cuts.

- Wipe down & store straps in dry cool place for longer life service.


For product availability and information follow this link:


All our straps meet or exceed all DOT requirements.

We also offer custom made lasso straps. If you require special lengths please contact us for a quote at Sales@Baremotion.com

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Lasso Straps should never be used for recovery or lifting!

Never exceed working load limit.

All gear should be thoroughly inspected before each and every use. Worn or unsafe gear should never be used. Inspect regularly. Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards.


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