V-Bridle Towing Chains

V-bridle Chains, also known as V-chains, are chain bridle assemblies mainly used in the towing and recovery industry. 

Used on flatbed tow trucks, these towing v-bridle chains are made of 5/16” Grade 70 grade chain and come with an array of different hooks.  But they all have one thing in common:  They have 2 chain legs and an anchor point, which is the link (either a pear shaped, round, or oblong link) that joins the 2 legs of chain together.  This link is also where the winch line is attached. 

Since the winch line can't be directly attached to the vehicle you are towing, v-chains or v-straps become the link between the cable and the vehicle.  And having two chain legs spreads the tension across the frame rather than put all the pressure on a a single point.

The 2 main lengths (length of legs) are 24” and 36”.  Although some chains are longer and some can be customized.  V-chains can now also come in grade 80 chains for strong working loads and heavier applications.

V-Bridle Chain Hooks

The most popular V-bridle chain hooks are the Long 15” J-Hook, the Short 8” J-Hook, and the RTJ Cluster Hook.  At Baremotion we supply Grade 70 forged hooks.

15” J-Hook is perhaps the most popular hook in the towing industry!  It has a large eye for easy attachments and it’s ideal for longer reach applications.  

8” J-Hook also called a sport J-Hook,  is similar to its counterpart but better used on compact or sport cars.

RTJ Cluster Hook are made of a cluster of 3 different hooks, each designed for specific car brands:
R Hook for Ford Vehicles
T Hook for GM/Chrysler
J Hook for Foreign Vehicles

Apart from the 3 main hooks, there are the Mini J-Hook, T/J Combo Hook, grab hook, and J & T Hook.


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Chain Safety

It’s vital to regularly inspect chains and their hook attachments for any damage.  If you have any kind of uncertainty, do not use the chain.  Either discard it or if possible send it to a rigging house for inspection.  Any crack or wear can affect the chain working load and it’s ability to function properly.

Grade 70 chains should NEVER be used for overhead lifting.

For product availability and information follow this link:  V-Bridle Tow Chains

All gear should be thoroughly inspected before each and every use. Worn or unsafe rigging and safety gear should never be used.  Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards.

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