Towing Tie-Down Kits

Tie-Down Kits for towing are a secure and safe way to transport a vehicle.  These tow truck tie down kits, also know as towing soft tie down systems are 4-Pack kits that cover the 4 corners of the vehicle you are towing.

At Baremotion we supply a variety of tow truck tie-down kits.  

I recently asked one of our customers why tow truck operators were veering more towards tie down kits - other than the obvious that straps are less likely to damage the vehicle being towed.   His response was straps will cause less damage to the vehicle, they are easier to use, and  that vehicles are now made differently. Cars and trucks have less steel and cast parts in their undercarriage.  The undercarriage of a vehicle is the underneath body, the frame of the vehicle that stabilizes it.  Instead, the manufacturers now use lighter yet as strong parts (such as aluminum) which can easily be damaged if a chain is hooked onto them.  The tie down kits eliminate the need to hook anything onto the body of the vehicle as they are only used on tires and wheels.  Making them ideal for towing.

The benefits of using straps instead of chains are many:

  • Straps are lighter
  • Straps are more pliable.
  • Easier to handle and less strenuous on the user.
  • Less damage to the vehicle, no scraps or scratches.
  • Straps can fit into areas that chains cannot.

The main 2 types of towing tie down kits are the 4-point tie down kit & the 8-Point tie-down kit:

The 4-point tie down straps go through the wheel while the 8-point kit straps go over the wheel.  Within those 2 types there are many options - different straps, different hook ends, and different ratchets.  Which to use depends on the size of the vehicle, the weight, and on the operators needs and the tow truck being used.

All kits have several things in common:

  • All tie down straps are 2” wide.  Made from polyester webbing.  Standard break strength of 10,000 lbs. and working load limit of 3,333 lbs (always double check)
  • All ratchet buckles are made for 2” wide straps.  Either Zinc Plated Ratchets or Stainless Steel Ratchets. 
  • All kits are 4-packs.  Whatever straps or ratchets come in a kit… it’s always 4 of each (for the for corners of the vehicle)

Below we’ve listed the most popular kits:

8-Point Tie Down System

This rollback tow truck tie-Down kit comes with straps and ratchets with chain ends.  The kit includes 4 of each of the following:  Straps with Chain ends, Ratchet Buckles with chain ends, and short eye eye straps.

Designed for beds with 4 points, this system prevents the vehicle you are towing from moving back, forward or side to side.  Since the vehicle is secured by the wheels this allows it to ride on its own suspension. 

Strap lengths are usually 14’ or 18’ long, the latter designed for larger tires or longer decks.

Rollback System with Snap Hook ends and Chain Ratchets or Hook Ratchets

This tie down system is similar to the 8-point kit except the straps have twisted snap hook ends instead of chain.  Designed for carriers that use a 4 point tie downs on the bed.   Comes with standard strap lengths of 14’ or 18’.

The 2 versions of this kits include 4 of each the following:

  • Straps with twisted hook ends, Ratchet Buckles with chain ends, and short eye eye straps.
  • Straps with twisted hook ends, Ratchet Buckles with snap Hooks, and short eye eye straps.

4-Point Car Carrier Basket Kit with Ratchet Chains

Each basket assembly is completely adjustable for cars or light truck tires.  The basket straps, also called wheel nets, go over the tire and ratcheted down with a chain ratchet.

The Basket style tie down kit includes 4 of each the following:  Adjustable basket straps and Ratchet Buckles with chain ends.

4-Point Wheel Lift Tie Down Kits

These tow truck wheel lift straps, also known as lasso straps, are versatile and popular with many tow truck drivers.  They can either go through the wheel or on the outside of the tire.  They come with either an O-Ring Hook or a D-Ring Hook on one end.  There are 3 main standard lengths, 8’ (most popular), 10’, and 12’.  Of course they can also come in many other lengths depending on your needs. 

This 4-point tie down kit is very popular.  At Baremotion, we have several wheel lift strap webbing options and colors.  From the All-Grip Hi-Viz Green wheel lift straps to the Diamond Weave Red Wheel Lift Straps.

There are several kit options with lasso wheel lift straps (all 4-packs):

  • Lasso Straps and Ratchets with Chains
  • Lasso Straps and Ratchets with Single Finger Hooks
  • Lasso Straps and Ratchets with Snap Hooks


4-Point Cluster Strap Tie Down Kits

This secure and easy to use tie down kit comes with Cluster Straps.  Cluster Hooks are made of RTJ hooks, each designed for specific car brands:
R Hook for Ford Vehicles
T Hook for GM/Chrysler
J Hook for Foreign Vehicles

RTJ Cluster Strap car carrier tie down kit  includes 4 of each the following:  RTJ Cluster hook Straps (either 8’ or 12’ long) and Ratchet Buckles with chain ends.

No matter which kit you use, it’s always important to inspect and clean your gear:

  • Straps:  Check the tie down straps for tears in the stitching, nicks, or torn tags.  To clean, wipe away all the dirt and mud, than you can wash (soak) them in mild soap. Make sure to thoroughly dry them
  • Ratchet Buckles:  Wipe them down to get all the gong and dirt out.  You can rinse them in water and than ratchet them up and down a few times to make sure you got all the grains of dirt or mud between the gears.  Dry them out thoroughly.  Some people like to spray WD40 into the gears as it helps them from getting stuck.  Everyone has there method. 

At Baremotion, we supply USA made straps as well as import straps.  If you need custom made straps or a quote on large (bulk order) quantities please email us at

Safety Note: The tie-down straps are never to be used for recovery or lifting.  Never exceed the working load limit.  Doing so can damage the straps and cause it to fail, causing damage to the vehicle you are towing, the tow truck, or worse. Always follow the DOT (Department of Transportation) industry standards to keep you safe and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

All gear should be thoroughly inspected before each and every use. Worn or unsafe rigging and safety gear should never be used.  Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards.

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