The Snatch Block

The Snatch Block

We offer a variety of Snatch Blocks with different attachments (Hook or shackle, and with Chain) and capacities.  These blocks are used in Rigging applications, Towing Recovery, Construction, Lifting, and many more uses.

The Snatch block, also called a rigging block, is an important aid that greatly improves the functionality of your winching operation.

  • By increasing load pulling power
  • By helping to change the direction of the pull direction when the anchor point is offset
  • By improving the life expectancy of the winch or rope - as it reduces the pressure on them, as well as heat.

When it’s used with a winch line, the snatch block allows you to  pull or lift heavy objects by alleviating the pull span between the object and the winch. This cuts the direct pull load in half, increasing the amount of weight your winch can pull.  

Using it as an offset anchor point, for example during a car recovery you can use a tree as an offset point.  Wrap the tree with a sling, attach the block with the latched hook and run the winch cable through the snatch block and than to another offset anchor point (e.g. Car)  in the opposite direction.  Basically redirecting the cable at an angle to reach the offset anchor point.

With the Snatch Block, the diameter of the rope (wire rope or synthetic rope) dictates which size snatch block should be used, as well, and most importantly, the WLL (Working load Limit).  It’s important to know which block to use or it can fail and create a dangerous situation.  

The size of the Sheave to the block is also important.  If the diameter of cable is too large for the sheave, it can crack.  The rule of thumb is usually a ratio of 12:1 to hold the load properly.

All gear should be thoroughly inspected before each and every use. Worn or unsafe rigging and safety gear should never be used.  Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards.

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