Super Swaged Cable advantages by All Grip®
Winch Cable

Super Swaged Cable advantages by All Grip®

The two primary advantages of Swaged Wire Rope over conventional wire rope are:

1.  “higher break strength”

2. Better resistance to crushing

This is achieved by rotary swaging, which is a process of compaction. An oversized wire rope is swaged, which reduces the voids and produces a more solid cross section of wire rope. The result is more steel within a given area which increases the break strength dramatically. These same characteristics allow for greater outer surface area contact on drums and sheaves which resists crushing and deformation.

All Grip® swaged winch lines are specially made from 6 x 26 swaged construction with an independent wire rope core (IWRC) - as seen below comparison

All Grip cables are also superior to most other winchlines found in the market place due to the hand splice and swage sleeve (Flemish eye) end terminations. Each eye is protected by a steel liner (thimble) to guard against premature bearing point eye wear. 

*Minimum Break Strength - apply to new unused wire rope assemblies. Always use the size and type of wire rope specified by the wreck- er or winch manufacturer.

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