Recovery Strap vs Tow Straps

We’ve been asked a few times ‘what is the difference between a recovery strap and a tow strap’!

They might look similar, but their purpose is different.

Recovery straps as the name implies are used to recover stuck vehicles.  Such as a car or truck stuck in the mud or snow.  Tow Straps on the other hand are used to tow vehicles.

Recovery Straps

- Recovery straps are primarily made of nylon webbing which is stretchy and can bear more pressure and allows for tugs and jerks.  Note that the wider the strap the less elasticity it will have.
- Come with Loop ends.  Unlike tow straps, recovery straps will  never come with attached hooks on the ends.  If you need to attach hardware,  web shackles or anchor shackles are ideal.
- Can be used for pulling and lifting, but are not recommended for towing.    These are as their name implies used for recovery.  Examples of usage:  In an off-road situation, you would use a recovery strap to pull the vehicle out of the mud.  Or in a towing recovery situation you might use the recovery strap to lift the vehicle or bot.
- Recovery straps range in width and lengths.  From 2-12 feet wide and up to 40 feet long.  The smaller widths are usually using in off-road recovery while the larger width are used for heavy duty recovery towing applications or lifting purposes.

Tow Straps

- Designed for towing NEVER recovery!
- Tow straps are usually made with polyester, Polypropylene or a Dacron webbing which is less starchy.
- Unlike recovery straps, tow straps are used for towing a free moving vehicle behind another.
- Should never be used to recover a stuck vehicle.  Because it is less stretchy it can snap or break due to the pressure.
- Tow Strap usually come with hardware attached.  Either metal clips or hooks.

Safety Tips:
  • Always double check the material of the strap
  • Follow safety instructions
  • Inspect your gear.  Make sure there are no cut of frays.
  • Before use clean the straps from mud and sand.  Sand granules can cut into the fibers.
  • Make sure that any shackles or D-rings used are equal or higher load rating than the straps.
  • Keep straps away form sun, as UV rays will damage them over time.
  • Keep away from harsh chemicals and oils.

At Baremotion we supply Made in USA recovery straps from 2’ to 12’ wide, from 1-Ply to 3-Ply straps.  All straps are produced with high quality webbing for towing and recovery usage.  

We have partnered up with major rigging houses in the industry allowing us to provide our customers with top quality product.

For custom made assemblies please email us for a quote:

All gear should be thoroughly inspected before each and every use. Worn or unsafe rigging and safety gear should never be used.  Inspect slings regularly and  keep a record of all inspections. Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards.

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Excellent. Thanks for all your work in creating/sharing so much new material with us!
I’m looking forward to more.
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