Why use Outrigger Pads

Outriggers are strong metal legs that extend out of a crane, rotator tow truck, fire truck, and other mobile equipment to cover a greater area.  The outriggers help these trucks/cranes achieve their maximum lifting capacity and stabilizing them while in use.

An outrigger pad is either wood, metal, or a synthetic flat structure that is placed on the surface to provide support for the outrigger feet.

So why use outrigger pads? 

Outriggers must be on a stable flat surface for safe lifting.  Outrigger pads are mainly used under the outrigger feet to ensure a stable surface and work to prevent ground damage from the heavy load pressure.  If the ground is uneven or difficult to work on, these pads will solve the problem. 

Outrigger pads should be used when outriggers are deployed.  Since the ground is actually supporting everything, any uneven ground should be leveled before placing them.  Always remember to if you place them outside the target area (center of the pad/mat) it will result in non-uniform ground bearing pressures.

For safety always check the original equipment manufacturer’s guidelines and safety warnings before using these products.

At Baremotion we supply DICA® Safety Tech Outrigger Pads constructed of patented engineered thermoplastic material.
Made in the USA, they are stronger, lighter and easier to handle than wood or metal outrigger pads.  They also provide exceptional load distribution.  

DICA® outrigger pads are guaranteed unbreakable.

  • They perform in all types for weather.
  • The non-absorbent material is easy to clean
  • Non-conductive with non-skid surface.
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant
  • TuffGrip® Handle System:  Easy to use handle encourages safe lifting
Radius Edges and Corners

Safety Tech Outrigger Pads constructed of DICA’s proprietary engineered thermoplastic are impervious to absorption and are guaranteed against splintering, cracking and breaking because of their reliable molecular, strength and stiffness properties.  Making them a great choice over wood pads which have a high absorption rate and more likely to splinter and break, making them reliability under pressure.

Learn More About DICA® outrigger pads in this video

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