Gr100 Chain Slings

Grade 100 Chain Slings

Baremotion offers USA Made Grade 100 High-Visibility chain assemblies.

Using bright colored hi-viz chains increases visibility and keeps your work space safer.  We supply Yellow (looks more green!) High-visibility Grade 100 chains with Crosby Hook assemblies.  Rugged, versatile, and high-strength these chains are produced with high quality alloy steel.  25% stronger than Grade 80 Chain, Grade 100 chain is the ideal choice for rigging, construction, manufacturing work.

These chains have a powder coated finish which helps withstand the elements.              
Each Chain is custom assembled at the rigging house by professionals, tested, and tagged.  These are top of the line USA MADE high quality chains and fittings!  

Now why choose Chain Slings instead of Polyester or Nylon Slings.  Main reason being they are a ideal for heavy duty lifting applications where environmental issues such as heat or chemicals are present.  Chains are also more durable when it comes to cuts and abrasions.

There are several types of chain slings & Fittings:

Chain Slings come in several configurations - Single leg, 2-leg, 3-leg, and 4-leg.  With several diameters and lengths to choose from.  The most common chain sling is the Single Leg, but if more stability and weight is needed than another leg should be added.  Always know your weight load.

Slings comes with a variety of hook fittings depending on your requirements.  

Clevis Hooks are the most popular style of fittings because they do not need a connecting hook.

Grab Hooks, designed with a narrow throat, are used to shorten or hold a chain used. 

Sling Hooks with a latch offer more security and safety.

Foundry Hooks, are similar to sling hooks but offer a wide deep throat opening.  Foundry hooks are commonly used without a latch.

Self Locking Hooks, have an advantage over latched hooks.  Once closed it needs to manually opened.  These are heavy duty robust hooks.

Master Ring (Oblong Ring), used on the top of the chain slings.

Safety First

When choosing the right chain sling, make sure to know the total weight and how you plan to connect it to the load being lifted. 

  • Never exceed the working load limit
  • Distribute loads evenly
  • Avoid jerk movements.  Sudden stops.
  • Inspect your chain - Do not use slings with damaged, defective, or worn chain
  • Inspect your hooks - Never use distorted or bent hooks.
  • Chain slings should only be used by trained professionals

At Baremotion, we have partnered up with major rigging houses in the industry allowing us to provide our customers with top quality product.

For custom made assemblies please email us for a quote:

All gear should be thoroughly inspected before each and every use. Worn or unsafe rigging and safety gear should never be used.  Inspect chain slings regularly and to keep a record of all chain inspections. Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards.

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