Benefits of Wireless Tow Lights

Time for a new tow light bar and you’re not sure which to purchase!  Either a Wired Tow Light or a Wireless Light Bar.  

Either one will give you the visibility you need, but the wireless tow truck light bar is definitely more convenient and comes with added benefits.

First off make sure you know the lighting regulations in your state and federal regulations:

- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations at Section 393.11)  
- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Title 49 Part 571 Standard 108
- Digest of Motor Laws AAA

The basic light functions required are as follows:

  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Brake lights
  • Front and rear turn signals
  • Front and rear side markers (lights that are visible from the side to indicate the length of the vehicle)
  • Front and rear clearance lights (lights that indicate the overall width of the vehicle)
  • Backup lights (activated when the vehicle is in reverse)

Other than the lights listed above, all vehicles should have corners reflectors for side and rear visibility.  Extra lights are required depending on the size of the vehicle and lightning colors also have specific regulations!
These lighting regulations and laws were put in place to help reduce accidents.

Most States require that if the lights on the rear of the tow truck are blocked and not visible - lights need to be placed on the rear of the vehicle you are towing.  These lights should have taillights, brake lights, and rear turn signals.  

So Wired or Wireless?  

Both come with LED lights, but wireless tow truck lights are more expensive - So why choose a Wireless tow light instead of a wired tow light:

  • Main reason being wireless tow light bars eliminate the need for long cables.  No cables - No hassle!  
  • Fast hook up.  In freezing temperatures don’t get stuck untangling a cable cord!
  • Major Time saving.
  • Rechargebel battery - Now even Lithium batteries available for longer uses.
  • Wireless tow lights are easy to install
  • The magnetic plates on the light bars make it simple to attach to any steel vehicle.
  • They can be used on cars, trucks, trailers, and RV's
  • Available in an array of sizes, from light duty to Heavy duty 60” LED light bars.
  • Wireless tow lights also have added features that wired lights don’t.

At Baremotion we supply a variety of wireless tow lights as well as wired lights.  Brands we supply include Towmate and Custer Products.  As well as Made in the USA, Lite-it high powered wireless lighting.

Depending on the light bar some features may include the following:

LED side markers
LED DOT lights
Approx. 1000' range
Choose of transmitters
Polyethylene casing
Weather resistant casing
Lithium power battery - On the Towmate Lithium Powered Light bars only.
Strong pull magnets
Rubber Bungees

Make sure you check the descriptions of each light before purchasing, as well as choosing the correct transmitter.

Batteries, transmitters, and cords are also sold separately.

All Lightning equipment over $75 ships free within the continental USA.  For international orders please contact us at

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