What are Axle Straps?

What are Axle Strap Tie-Downs?

Axle Straps have been carefully designed for easy handling and maneuverability.  These tie-down straps are mainly used in the car transport industry and widely used by auto haulers, tow truck operators, and car carriers.  Axle straps help create a securement anchor point to hold down your vehicle during transportation.  Ensuring a secure and safe connection every time.

Easy to use and strong, these tie-downs are perfect for your vehicle transport needs.  At Baremotion we offer these straps with Heavy Duty polyester webbing or with Diamond Weave abrasion resistant webbing.

Axle straps can we used either in the front or rear of the car’s axle and come in a variety of lengths and colors.

Axel straps available at Baremotion

These towing straps can be looped around the lower control arm (axles) of the vehicle you are transporting to create an attachment anchor point for the tie-down hook.  So they need to be attached first! 

Press the flat D-Rings together and attach the tie-down hook (usually a Snap Hook).  Than ratchet down the tie-down to tightly secure the vehicle.

What descriing what axle Straps are and what they are used for in the transportation industry

The protective sleeve will encase the axle to protect both the vehicle and the strap.  The cordura sleeve helps provide a layer of protection.  This wear protection helps with durability and strap longevity.

The difference between the axle and the securement point will vary depending on the vehicle.  Sometimes a longer axle strap will be needed so there is no friction between the vehicle and the tie-down hook.

Type of Axle Straps

Standard Axle Straps come with flat D-Rings, also called Delta rings, or Keyhole Grab Plates on each end and a protective sleeve.

Different types of axle straps used for towing
Axle Strap tie-downs come with a floating D-Ring, also known as an Axle Tie-back strap, as you loop the strap back to connect the snap hook to the d-ring.
Axle strap tie-downs available in several colors at Baremotion

Combination Axle Strap Assemblies comes with an Axel strap Tie-down (as mentioned above) and a fixed end ratchet buckle with a Twisted end Snap Hook.

Combination Axle Strap Assemblies come with a ratchet fixed end

These straps were designed to offer efficient performance with minimal effort, allowing for unparalleled convenience.  Cost-effective solution for your towing needs.

Use & Safety Considerations:

  • Never attache a strap to a fuel or brake line.
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight & UV rays can weaken the strength of the webbing (the straps) - always better to wipe down & store your straps in a dry cool place for longer life service. 
  • Make sure the Tag is not missing and is always readable - OSHA requirement.  Also inspect your equipment before use. 
  • Make sure there are no cuts or broken stitching.
  • Always secure any vehicle for transport by four points.

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