Round Sling Kits

Polyester Lifting Round Sling kits are designed to provide options and flexibility!

A great solution for your lifting needs, these endless sling kits come in several color capacities and lengths to choose from, allowing you to have them at your disposal when needed.

Whether you're working in construction, towing and recovery, industrial settings, or any other industry that requires some lifting application needs, these Round Sling Kits are your go-to solution.

Each kit includes several color capacity slings and lengths giving you options and the right equipment on hand.

Our Round Sling Kits are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability. These slings are designed to withstand heavy loads while offering excellent flexibility and ease of use. The soft yet strong material ensures gentle handling of delicate or sensitive objects, protecting them from damage.

Popular Polyester Round Sling Kits

Light duty round sling kits are popular with the towing industry, art handling, and standard light duty lifting or pulling needs. 

Purple Endless Round Sling Kit (8 Slings).  For light duty lifting and pulling

Heavy Duty round sling kits offer more variety fore heavy lifting applications,  From light crane lifting to heavy duty towing and recovery work. 

Heavy Duty Endless Round Sling Kit - Made in USA

Other kits include the spreader bar round sling kit which is also available with green pin shackles. 

This kit includes Blue & Orange Polyester Round Slings Made in the USA.  Ideal for heavy duty recoveries and spreader bar slings


Use & Safety Considerations:

- Make sure Tag is not missing and is always readable - OSHA requirement.

- Inspect before usage.

- To prevent damaging the sling you should avoid contact with protrusions during lifting, storing, or transport.

- Make sure there are no broken stitching, knots, abrasions, color fading, or cuts. If there are the sling must not be used and taken out of service.

All Lifting Slings come with label that includes size, type, and capacity information.

We also supply other lifting products such as Nylon or Polyester Web Slings, Synthetic Rope Slings, Recovery Slings, and Chain Slings.

Lifting accessories such Synthetic Sling Hardware and Shackles

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All gear should be thoroughly inspected before each and every use. Worn or unsafe rigging and safety gear should never be used. Inspect chain slings regularly and to keep a record of all chain inspections. Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards.