ESTRA New York Tow Show

Gathering for Towing Pros at the NY Tow Show

The towing and recovery industry is a critical component of the automotive and transportation sectors, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability on our roads. Every year, professionals from across New York State, and vicinity States gather in Lake George for the annual ESTRA Towing and Recovery Trade Show.

At the heart of the trade show were the towing and recovery trucks—each model more impressive than the last. Companies from Upstate NY to Long Island. Some companies included Brooklyn's Mike's Heavy Duty Towing, Non Stop & Ames from Long Island, Erichsen's Auto Service from Ulster County, and many more.

From heavy-duty wreckers capable of handling the largest loads to versatile tow trucks designed for urban environments.

But the trade show was about more than just trucks. Towing supplies for auto haulers and car carriers were also in the spotlight. Baremotion was there with out chains, tie-down kits, and towing equipment. Federal Signal was showcasing some of the safety light bars, Wreckmaster had some specialty products, and other exhibitors presenting safety equipment to insurance policies.

Networking, Learning, and Growth

One of the key benefits of attending the trade show was the opportunity for networking. Tow truck operators, vehicle recovery specialists, and other industry professionals had the chance to meet face-to-face, share experiences, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today. This community aspect is what many attendees cite as the most valuable part of the experience, providing not just connections but also camaraderie.

This year the ESTRA Tow Show will be held June 7-9, 2024 in Lake George, NY


Baremotion will be there with Tow Chains, Winch Cables, Ratchets, Snatch Blocks, and tie-downs.

See you there!