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Essentials of Chain & Load Binder Kit

Looking to secure your cargo with ease and efficiency?  Look no further than these Chain & Load Binder Kits.

What is a Chain & Load Binder Kit?

A Chain & Load Binder Kit is a combination of chains & binders designed to secure heavy loads during transport. It includes common combinations to ensure that your cargo stays in place throughout the journey.

At Baremotion we’ve created a variety of easy to order one-click chain and binder kits.  Our packages include popular chains and binders that are perfect for industries needing secure tie down solutions during transport, like machinery movers that find our the foundry hook chain ideal for moving excavators and other heavy equipment.

Grade 70 chain and load binder kt.  Chain comes with grade 80 foundry hooks, ideal for havey hauling

With proper use and strict adherence to cargo securement regulations, these pre-made easy to buy chain kits can help you make sure your next heavy haul is executed in the safest way possible.

When using chains, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the chain grade being utilized, as well as its specified working load capacities. 

Grade 70 Chains:  Known as transport chains or trucking chains, are easily distinguishable due to their golden color.  While it’s most popular usage is securing loads on flatbed trailers, it’s also used in the oil industry, towing, landscape, logging, and agriculture.

Grade 80 Chains:  Made of alloy steel, this chain has a high strength factor and high wear quality. 

Grade 100 Chains:  Strength of Grade 100 Alloy Steel Chains are 25% higher than grade 80.  These are quickly becoming a favorite for heavy machinery movers.

Benefits of using Chains:

Durability & Strength:  Chains have high tensile strength and are built to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments - that also enables them to bear the pressure and stress of transportation. 

Versatility: Chains have many applications (depending on their grade), and are used for everything from heavy construction work to securing cargo in trailers.  

Chains come with a variety of hook end fittings depending on your anchor points and requirements.  From the standard Grab Hook which is designed with a narrow throat and used to shorten or hold a chain, to the Foundry Hook, which is most preferred by many heavy haulers. 

Load Binders:

Load Binders are key components of tie-down transportation equipment, these tools play a crucial role in securing and tightening the chain around the cargo. 

These kits come with several different binder options.  From the standard ratchet load binder to the quick folding peerless ratchet load binder.

Ratchet load binders


When using any binder, remember to take precautions. Above all, never exceed the working load limit!

  • Using Gloves will help you secure a tighter grip on the handle
  • With a lever binder, stay back of the handle when releasing it. This will reduce the risk of injury when lever snaps back.
  • Users should be trained and knowledgeable of all requirements and working load limits before securing and transporting loads.
  • Always inspect your gear before use.

When transporting cargo it's important to know its dimensions and weight - length, weight and cargo type.  This will insure you use the correct number of tie-downs  to secure your load. For more information check out the Cargo Securement Rules at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

All gear should be thoroughly inspected before each and every use. Worn or unsafe rigging and safety gear should never be used. Products should be used in strict accordance with all industry and OSHA standards (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) .