Black Beam Clamps for Stage Rigging
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Black Beam Clamps for Stage Rigging

An essential piece of equipment for any theater, stage, entertainment venue or arena that uses stage rigging, beam clamps, also known as girder clamps, are built to withstand heavy weights and are completely secure when installed properly.

Beam clamps are commonly used to provide an anchor point, also known as a dedicated lifting point for a hoist.  They are designed with safety as its top priority

Black beam clamp for stage and theatrical rigging

These Clamps are Black in color so they can be concealed and blend into the background. They are of course also available and manufactured in other colors, but for stage rigging it's essential to be able to hide your rigging from your audience.  Most stage and theatrical rigging hardware, such as chains, shackles, lifting hoists, galvanized aircraft cable and spansets come in black so they can fade into the background.

Beam clamps are an essential piece of rigging equipment for any theater, entertainment or arena that uses stage rigging.

These clamps provide an efficient solution for mounting and suspending your hoist with ease. They offer quick installation and portability, making them a cost-effective and simple-to-use solution. Economical and portable, they are designed to ensure maximum safety, making them a reliable rigging system giving you peace of mind during every performance.

Black Beam Clamp

With a straightforward easy to use design, you can quickly mount and secure the clamp to any beam and fix the fitting in place.

Made of an all steel construction and a long leverage closure shaft handle, they have an adjustable clamp wide jaw design, that uses a scissor like action mechanism, making them easy to attach to a beam flange or other structural beams, while requiring no drilling or extra tools.

The wide jaw opening allows it to be securely fits on a range of flange widths or beam sizes. And connections to the load bar are very easy. They are suitable for both temporary and permanent needs.

Built to withstand heavy weights as they are available in several capacities from 1 ton to 5 ton.

  • The Beam Clamp is designed to fit a wide variety of beam sizes.
  • Straightforward design - quickly mount and secure the clamp to any beam and fix the fitting in place.
  • Hassle-free installation. No drilling or tools required.
  • Cost effective and portable.
  • Ideal as a fixed hoist mount or rigging point on I & H Beams
  • Low head room design

Beam clamps are an essential piece of equipment for stage and theatrical rigging. With its superior design, it provides safe rigging and peace of mind on any stage.

Safety precautions should always be followed when using rigging equipment.  There are certain guidelines users need to follow to ensure safe operations. 

  • Designed for inline lifting only. NOT FOR ANGLE LOADS.
  • Inspect before and after use
  • Only to be used by professional Riggers
  • Always make sure the working load is adequate
  • Never modify, repair or reshape a clamp by machining, welding, heating or bending, as this will affect the working load limit.

This information only covers the general design.  For specific applications and safety precautions other supplemental information is necessary.