BigEasy Glo Lockout Tool Kit w/Inflatable Air Wedge

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BigEasy Steck Glo Tool is an easy to use tool that will help you unlock car doors fast and easy.

The yellow glow-in-the-dark coating allows you to see and maneuver the 55-inch BigEasy™ Tool at night or through tinted windows.


Includes 5-pieces:

  • 55-inch BigEasy Glo Tool
  • Non-Marring Door Starter Wedge:  A lightweight plastic wedge that lets you gently pry open the car door far enough.
  • Paint Protector: Helps to protect the car’s rubber weather stripping and car finish, as well as protects the tools glow-in-the-dark coating.
  • Lock Knob Lifter: Designed to grip and lift the vertical lock knobs found on several popular Japanese cars.  It slides between the windows to lift lock knobs.
  • EasyWedge Inflatable Air Wedge: Inserted into the window frame to create a controlled opening for a vehicle door. Once inserted the wedge is inflated to the desired size so you can insert your BigEasy Lockout Tool to safely unlock the vehicle.


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