GREEN Rollback Tie Down Kit w/HI-VIZ 8-pt Straps & Snatch Block Towing Car Carrier

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This Roll Back Tow Truck Tie Down Kit comes with a Hi-Viz GREEN 8-Point Tie Down system w/Chain ends, 2 Ton Snatch Block Chain, and Green Round Slings!

The 8 Point Tie Down System is simple to use and provides a secure soft tie-down.

This is a quality tow truck straps, made with Diamond Weave Webbing.  Available with 14' Long Straps kit or 18' Long Straps.

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The "Green Tie Down Kit" includes the following:

4-pcs: Ratchet with Chain extension

4-pcs:  2" x 14' or 18' HI VIZ Green Strap with chain extension

4-pcs: Eye Eye HI VIZ Green Strap

1-pc: 2 Ton 3" Sheave Snatch Block w/Chain

2-pcs: 6 Ft Green Round Slings

Safety:  Not for RecoveryNever exceed working load limit.  Inspect before each use.  Avoid shock loads. If worn, unsafe, or you are not sure, item should not be used & should be discarded. Slings should never be used beyond their certified load ratings.  Inspect slings for wear and tear before each use.  If worn, unsafe, or you are not sure, than they should not be used & should be discarded.

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