Diamond Weave Tie-Downs

Strong durable abrasion resistant webbing available in several colors

Diamond Weave Webbing Tie-downs


A variety of Diamond Weave tie-downs are available at Baremotion. From Towing tie-down straps to Diamond Weave ratchet straps, winch straps, and towing tie-down systems including the 8-point tie down kit.


Available in a variety of webbing colors: Red, Blue, Purple, Safety Orange, Hi-Vis Green, Yellow, and Black.


This webbing is strong, durable and abrasion resistant.


8-Point Tie-Downs

This tie-down system is made for truck beds with 4-points. Rollback, car carriers, and other vehicle transporters. Each tie-down kit comes with straps, ratchets, and eye eye loop straps (aka dogbones).

Diamond Weave Cargo Straps:
Ratchet Straps & Winch Straps

2", 3", and 4" Cargo straps available with Diamond Weave webbing.  

Ratchet Straps and winch straps with Wire Hook and Flat Hook. As well as fixed ends.

Axel V-Bridle Straps

Reduce damage to the under carriage of vehicle being towed or transported.   Easier to handle than chains and less strenuous to the user. These axel v-straps are ideal for transporting luxury cars.